Aimee Kirkham

Although primarily a wedding photographer and Fine Art tutor, Aimee's passion is in print making and she loves using photography to inspire and create her prints, particularly in linoleum, silk screen and solar plate etching.  Aimee considers herself to be a conceptual artist, creating works of art that often challenge perception and understanding of the human form and emotions, particularly in relation to experiences in nature.

Aimee is current working on a series that features photographs and prints that have been inspired by wild swimming and explores the ethereal nature of the experience, shared within a community of swimmers; the work is a combination of printmaking and alternative photography processes.


Aimee is currently completing an MA in Photography and will be continuing with a PhD in Visual Anthropology.

To view Aimee's photography, please visit the following:

Instagram: @oxfordphotography and @aimee_kirkham_art