Challoner Spokes

Edging towards Fauvism, and with a sprinkling of early Cubism, Chally's works in a variety of mediums with the majority of her work being oil and acrylic paint. There is no denying she love big brush marks and is interested in colour, shape and line. 

Chally's paintings are often of nature with the noticeable absence of humans. She likes the echo of human presence in her work (you’ll often see crumbling bits of architecture at the edges) but she prefers to have her paintings unpopulated and to concentrate on the age and splendour of Nature. The feeling of being alone but not lonely is important to her.

Chally's preferred process is to sketch her subject from life and then take the sketches home to inform her studio paintings. Her drawings are done quickly and she tries not to use an eraser when she work so that she is forced to incorporate any inaccuracies. her paintings start with a background of pink, then she establishes the contrast between dark and light areas before bringing in lots of colour for the mid-tones with obvious brush marks.

To see more of Chally's artwork, please visit her website: