Debrah Martin

Debrah is both an artist and an author. As an author, her work centres around the observation of how action creates reaction, absorbing and reflecting the ambiance of the world and situations in which those reactions occur. As an artist, however, she is inspired by what has already become, and her paintings seek to reflect the drama and diversity of what we so often take for granted around us.

The meaning to life is what we experience in it. Debrah paints the meaning we experience all around us. Sometimes it is beautiful – a lilting landscape or a sunset sea. Sometimes it is harsh and ugly; a factory belching smoke, or a city engulfed in its own smog. 

Yet whatever it is, there is also always a raw beauty to depict.  Her goal is to inspire those who see her work to look more carefully in the world around them and discover the meaning in the raw beauty they see, whether it’s immediately obvious or more subtly underlying what is on the surface.

Debrah studied both art and literature at university, but life has radically modified her approach to both since. 2019 saw the release of her oil techniques book, Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies – painting lyrical landscapes in brushstrokes and words, demonstrating how she paints using the sfumato technique. Her painting style is a composite of smooth and textured, mimicking life – sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. Debrah blends colour on the canvas as much as on the palette and revels in bold colours against soft backdrops.

Debrah has won two literary awards – for Patchwork Man, a psychological thriller, and for Chained Melodies, a literary fiction. She also regularly teaches and mentors both writing and oil painting in classes and 1:1.

All of her paintings are for sale, but she also offers an art rental scheme to make enjoying real art on your walls possible at an affordable price.

To see more of Debrah's artwork, please visit the following:

Instagram: @debrahmartin_author_artist

Twitter: @StorytellerDeb

Debrah also has painting videos on her Thirty Minute Painter YouTube channel here: