Faye Knight

Faye's work mainly consists of medium to large canvases. Using acrylics and palette knives, she creates bold, vibrant paintings with a loose, relaxed style. 

Faye prefers to work on two or three pieces simultaneously, moving from one thought process to the next to keep a fresh approach. 

Gardens, extravagant florals, wild swimmers, and coastlines are her favourite subjects. Faye's most recent work has also included studies of horses and birds.


The fields and woodlands surrounding her home play a huge part in influencing her work, as the colours and landscape are constantly changing. Work has recently been completed to transform the upper floor of Faye's barn into a light and spacious studio with the room required to accommodate larger canvases. 


Faye finds she has always been drawn to the impressionist painters Renoir, Cezanne, Monet and Van Gogh for inspiration and she loves the work of Jessica Zoob! To her, their work feels fresh and timeless.


Within her work, Faye tries to relay a feeling of freedom and relaxation. Subjects painted are predominantly chosen for how they make her feel, then she attempts to recreate that same emotion in the painting.


As she hasn’t been painting for very long, she thinks it is important to experiment with new techniques and materials in order to progress.


To Faye, painting isn’t just the interpretation of a view or a certain place, it’s a feeling. She wants people to move beyond thought, when they look at her work, and go straight to their sensations!

© 2020 by Aimee Kirkham, Oxford-Photography

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