Gerry Coles

What inspires Gerry as an artist? She find ideas for her linocuts everywhere; She is constantly on the look out for things that would work well depicted in Lino. Gerry believes it comes down to looking, really looking, and  noticing things in detail; colours, textures, forms, light and shadows. 

Gerry relishes the challenge of rendering a picture using a very limited tones, often trying to capture the spirit of an idea using few strokes and little detail. She thinks this is where the boldness of linocut comes into its own. 

Many of her prints are inspired by the changing seasons, wild birds and plants of the British countryside. Gerry has a particular fascination with the structure of flowers. She walks her dogs, Bella and Marshall, in the fields near where she lives, the inspiration there is limitless. 

Conversely man-made structures and the built environment are often great sources for prints. Gerry lives near Oxford so she tends to visit with her camera quite often just in case something new catches her eye. 

With a love of the combination of artistry, craft, technical challenge and luck that is needed to produce a print, Gerry is constantly in awe of what is revealed when the paper is peeled back from the block.

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