Jan Gaska

     Initially Jan was a figurative printmaker but now he is an oil painter, producing portraiture and ‘plein air’ landscapes. Drawing really is fundamental to what he does. It has always been the activity that Jan most loved to do since he was a child. Jan finds magic in its simplicity how lines can become shape which in turn become 3 dimensional forms, and how drama can be created through the application of light and shade. During his studies he become obsessed with printmaking, a graphic art form that is based around drawing. This sustained him for a number of years but eventually found the directness and complexity of painting more appealing.

     There are many reasons that draws Jan to a subject, be it an interesting composition, an affinity to the subject, or some aspect of the subject that caught his attention. It might be something simple like an impression of atmosphere, depth and scale, with a focus or ‘hook’ to build a composition around. Apart from these visible components that make up a picture, Jan is attracted to aspects of beauty, emotion or psychology. He believes that some works he has produced can have ambiguity in meaning which he quite likes. Jan's work definitely sits in the realist genre with impressionist characteristics. He feels his work is not static but a learning process; he is continually trying to find his own personal approach. Jan's need to explore is also the main objective in his figurative work.