Jonathan Kirkpatrick

Jonathan Kirkpatrick is a classics and art history tutor with a passion for photography. 

In addition to working as a wedding and lifestyle photographer with his partner, Haley, Jonathan loves using photography to document the world around him. This is often done on dog walks with his muse, Annie the dalmatian!   

The photographs he has chosen for this exhibition come from a series he created and exhibited back in 2014 called Oxford Reflections. The inspiration to photograph a city in reflection came during a visit to Venice one rainy November, when he found that the closer he got to the ground the better he liked the vantage point. Since then he has made himself familiar with the contours of Oxford’s well-worn streets, capturing cupolas between cobblestones and facades in footprints. He prizes reflections for their pleasing symmetry as well as the asymmetry that emerges when different textures meet. Reflections also give a surprising sense of spaciousness to familiar cluttered urban scenes.

To view more of Jonathan's work, please visit his website:   

Instagram: @zeuxisphotography and @haleyandjonathan