Lesley Wildman

Art school had given Lesley a great understanding of being creatively minded in a way that allowed investigation and play into a multitude of disciplines. 7 years of discovery, challenging her perception and talent to the maximum, culminating in a Master's degree from the Royal College of Art.

While working with wools, cotton, linen, and silk, Lesley found the colours so evocative and delicious. So many skeins and cones of beautifully variegated yarns and the texture of the fabric just called to her fascination with line and perspective. With a great deal of experimenting, the beginnings of land and seascapes started to emerge. Now with an eye to the layering, this technique has brought about some fascinating ‘painting with textiles’ that seem to bewitch and hypnotize the viewer and Lesley herself.

To view further work, please visit Lesley's website: www.lesleywildman.com