Mark Clay

Mark’s art explores our highly constructed world,  seeking insights, meaning and hidden stories, drawing on a range of techniques including technical drawing, mapmaking, photography and lighting to reveal a world in a state of flux and transformation. Sometimes playful, sometimes reflective, he employs both distant and close-up perspectives to capture moments and details that might otherwise be lost, destroyed or overlooked in our collective obsession with the new and the contemporary.

In this exhibition, Mark includes a selection of work, much of it inspired by the changing environment of his home city, Oxford.  Mark has taken inspiration from the architecture to show that it is far more than a city of “dreaming spires”, that it is full of hidden stories and a prevailing atmosphere of invention and change. 

Mark completes his MFA in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University in Autumn 2020.

To view further work, please visit Mark's website:

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