Martha Cadle

Martha completed her B.A in Fine Art at Southampton Institute in 2005 and her M.A in Fine Art (Printmaking) at Winchester School of Art in 2009. 


After discovering James Turrell’s work during her undergraduate studies, she started working with the subject of the sky and this evolved into working with birds as punctuation within the space. During her time at Winchester School of Art she spent hours observing the behaviour of the rooks and jackdaws that surrounded the campus and researching the folk-lore relating to them. She then intertwined this with her previous study into the sublime and took influence from Edmund Burke's writing on it. 


Martha’s work currently consists of monoprinting from original drawings onto abstract representations of the sky at different times of day. She then hand colours the prints with watercolour to bring out the detail. Though the theme of birds and sky remains constant, her style is always evolving depending on how she is driven to represent her subjects at the time. She asks that you always 'Feed The Birds' and loves that her work has been described as: ‘Hope, Courage, Life, Strength, Upwards!’