Mick O'Driscoll

Mick describes himself as a lockdown artist; he had a regular viewing of the great man himself Bob Ross in the early nineties 
watching him on tv in the early hours of the morning, when finishing the night shift. He inspired Mick to paint, as Bob made it look so easy! Mick completed 4 paintings back then which were 'just ok for a beginner'.

When lockdown started, Mick took out his paints again after 23 years and to his surprise he was very pleased with the results! Since then, he's pushed himself to become more of an accomplished artist mainly in oil paints on canvas. Mick's been surprised at the speed of which he is progressing and is enjoying experimenting with different styles, different genres and different colours. He doesn't know what sort of artist he will turn out to be yet, just knows he will get there! 

Mick has completed quite a few commissions, taking these on with enjoyment. The expression on peoples faces when they see it for the first time is priceless and so rewarding as an artist.
Mick hopes you enjoy his various exhibits as  he enjoyed painting them.

To visit more work by Mick, please visit his websites -https://www.micksartshop.com/   https://www.instagram.com/micksartshop/