Neil Butterfield

Neil's work is usually figurative but driven by an obsession with colour and an exploration of the tension between a flat painted surface and the illusion of three dimensional space. Hence the flattened perspective in his still life pictures or what he calls his vertical landscapes. As a process, it’s all about balance: not too many ingredients and knowing just when to stop, rather like cooking, another favourite activity. The Oxford Times has described Neil's work as ”glowing and exuberant” and that is something he tries to live up to!

Neil's art heroes include Paul Gauguin (an awful human being), Piero della Francesca, Barbara Rae and above all, Paul Klee. For Klee it was a visit to Tunisia that did it. “I have found colour,” he said, ”it has hold of me”. For Neil it was India and in particular Rajasthan.

Neil's work is in private collections in UK, USA, France, Italy, and Australia. He shows work in a number of galleries in Oxfordshire and exhibit regularly in Artweeks. Neil was the Chair of the Turrill Sculpture Garden and for some years on the Committee of the Oxford Art Society

To view more of Neil's artwork, please visit his website: