Sam Bennett

Travelling has been a huge part of Sam's life over the past few years, being able to explore so many different cultures and meet so many of the people in the photos is truly breathtaking and he is super grateful to have the privilege to do so.


The photos shown in his travel projects show a documentation of his journey throughout the world, primarily countries in Asia, hoping to give an insight into the true aura of the people he has chosen to photograph and represent the people he met throughout the adventure. Whilst it is difficult to show a true sense of a culture and country, his hopes were to document his experiences of both daily life in touristic places as well as what a typical western tourist would see visiting the continent of Asia. 


Despite South East Asia seeing a huge accelerated globalisation and a huge increase in tourism, it would be easy to touch on social issues such as the amount of poverty, homelessness and other areas of concern in these countries, Sam wanted to show that there is more to these people than these stories. 

Inspired by travel photographers such as Steve McCurry and street photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz and Vivian Maier, Sam's work has taken a journey throughout the years where he first learned photography through street photography projects, moving to documentary and travel, whilst hopefully still keeping a fine art feel to the images. 

It is easy to forget faces and moments with so many new things to look at and take in on a day to day basis, so many new faces and different ways of life, therefore having these photos to remember these things as a true documentation of his experience makes him incredibly happy. 

To view more of Sam's photography, please visit his website:

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