Sarah Hanner Hopwood

Sarah's painting started in earnest during the time and space we found for ourselves in the first lockdown of 2020. Having spent years dabbling in paint, embroidery, crochet and more, she found a total love for the medium of watercolours and started painting garden birds as something to keep her out of mischief.

Sarah's love of the outdoors and cute stylised houses (along with their completely impractical architecture) and the need to connect with open space led her to explore a different way of expressing the landscape, using anything she could find to mark out the undulations and mass of colours. Her work comes mostly from her imagination, and endless countryside walks spotting small-windowed barns on Welsh hillsides.

Most recently Sarah added collage and other mediums to the work she makes, to build texture and layers. She also uses a knocked back the palette of just a few colours and combining marks, much of the time letting the manipulation of the paper and tools guide the water and paint where Sarah wants them to be, if she's lucky! 

There are many more places this can take Sarah, but she also works full time for the NHS, so often has to push the paints aside for a few hours a day and continue her exploration in the darker hours!

To see more of Sarah's work, please visit her Instagram page