Tereza Barnard

Tereza is a contemporary realist painter working predominantly in portraiture. Using delicate layered brushstrokes her paintings strive to communicate the essence of a person, their gestures, mannerism, and the feelings mirrored in their expression. 

Observing and painting small nuances allows Tereza to bring the viewer closer to her subjects, awakening the audience’s empathy and wonder. The depicted individual subtleties suggest a narrative element to what may appear as static work at first glance.


Tereza paints predominantly using oil on aluminium panels and watercolour on cold pressed paper. She likes using paints with quality pigments and thus works with Old Holland, Vasari, Schmincke and Michael Harding paints. Tereza is available for commissions in both oil and watercolour.

To view more of Tereza's work, please visit her website: www.terezabarnard.com