Yvonne Ramsay

Yvonne is a self-taught artist, who specialises in creating contemporary wildlife pictures and pet portraits.


Yvonne generally uses pastels and coloured pencils to capture the detail and texture seen in her realistic images, as she finds the process of creating the many layers of fur therapeutic, relaxing and almost meditative. Occasionally Yvonne will use watercolour or acrylic paint in combination with pencils to create a looser image. Yvonne enjoys bringing out the individual personalities and the emotions that are highlighted in the eyes of the animals she portrays.  

Yvonne particularly enjoys producing the fine details and loves to show the animals' personality and emotions through their eyes.  We are so mesmerised by eyes - particularly during the pandemic when wearing face coverings means that we rely even more on reading all a person's emotions through their eyes, and this is similar with animals who convey so much through their eyes. 


"Your face can be etched with worry, and twisted by ageing, but the eyes tell the true story of who you are."                                            Naomie Harris

To visit more work by Yvonne, please visit her website - Artbyyvonneramsay.com